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South Africa's leading manufacturer of Copper tubing and Copper busbar, extrusions and profiles, Maksal™ Tubes (Pty) Ltd. has a long tradition of service, providing customers with quality products. Their world standard production facilities are backed up by an excellent support service including engineering and technical development, marketing and finance aimed at ensuring that Maksal™ products meet their clients’ requirements.


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Sound Idea Digital created a marketing video for Maksal™ by using several professional video production techniques, both during filming, as well as in post-production.


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For Maksal’s marketing video Sound Idea made use aerial videography to capture the factory from an elevated angle. Both the exterior and the interior of the factory were filmed, with the exterior being filmed with the use of a drone. The interior could not be filmed with a drone, due to erratic airflow inside the factory and the pole photography was used instead. The roof of the factory has a rusted area that was not aesthetically consistent with the image of the company, so this was corrected during post-production.


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Since Maksal™ is a large supplier of copper pipes, with several clients in the Middle East region, the main goal of the video was to showcase the company’s size, extensive history and consistent product supply.


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Maksal Marketing Video



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