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Kaltire is a well-renowned international company specialising in the manufacturing and repairing of mining and commercial tires. Their entry into the South African market resulted in five flagship branches, each located in Montana, Steelpoort, Sibanye Kwezi Rustenburg, Middelburg, Brits and the head office situated in Midrand. Kal Tire South Africa approached Sound Idea Digital to produce a 360° and Marketing video highlighting who they are and showcasing the world-class services offered at their flagship branches. 360° Video is a great way to allow the viewer to immerse themselves into it the filmed environment. Filming was done by Oliver Karstel and Francois Karstel. They travelled all over the country to film at each of the Kal Tire flagship locations.

Kal Tire Offices   Man at a reception area

This high-end production included colour grading - which entails enhancing and altering the colours in a film to improve the appearance as well as low, middle and high level aerial shots using a drone were taking, increasing the value considerably.

aerial shot of tire factory
high level aerial shot of Kal Tire Warehouse
high level aerial shot by Sound Idea Digital

Mining machine tires must be resilient in order to withstand the tough conditions they are constantly exposed to. The video production team filmed at the Sibanye Kwezi branch. Here they offer onsite services including: mounting and demounting wheels from machinery; machine moving - particularly LHD vehicles, as well as fitting tyres, chains and rims. The mine runs kilometres underground with a rocky, jagged surface reminiscent of an other-worldly scene. Despite the challenging circumstances great shots were taken. A team with no experience filming underground would be in for a surprise. Viewers can get a look and feel of the underground mine without taking a single step. Take a look at this 360 image.

Kaltire’s Middleburg branch is a state-of-the-art facility that services underground and surface mining tires. This is a unique facility as it’s the only one in the country that offers the Kal Tire Ultra Repair and cable replacement. It has been developed in-house over many years and is used where conventional repairs are limited by damage, size and position. What Ultra Repair does is repair damage to steel cords and large injuries to tread, shoulder and sidewall. Through this method, 25 to 63 inch tyres previously sent to scrap are saved, making it a cost effective and environmentally friendly option.

warehouse with mining tires
fixing damaged mining tire

In addition to this Marketing video, we produced a health and safety induction video for Kal Tire called ‘Risky Business’. This was a quick, entertaining video that addressed the safety precautions that must be taken when handling tires and equipment in the factory.   

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