Webber Wentzel Induction Video

One would think that Health and Safety Induction Videos are only suitable for inherently dangerous environments such as manufacturing or mining industries, for example. However, corporate buildings can benefit greatly from having a Health and Safety Induction video too. They can be used during inductions to inform new and existing employees about the building, potential hazards and safety procedures in a way that is exciting and memorable. Webber Wentzel is a leading law firm located in Johannesburg, South Africa which has a proven track record in providing clients with world class legal services. The Africa Law Firm of the Year at the African Legal Awards, Sub-Saharan Africa Legal Advisers of the Year at the European M&A Awards hosted by the Financial Times and Merger market, and Who's Who South African Law Firm of the Year for five consecutive years are amongst the many achievements they have accumulated thus far.

Webber Wentzel 90 Rivonia Road building
Webber Wentzel Lobby Area
Webber Wentzel reception area

Sound Idea Digital produced a Health and Safety induction video for Webber Wentzel, giving an in-depth tour of their 90 Rivonia building and a visual account of their health and safety procedures. 90 Rivonia, just like 90 Grayston, is a 4-star Green Star building, meaning it has several features that make it energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The viewer was made aware of all the features of the building, such as the automated blinds that track the movement of the sun using sensors and solar panels that supply the entire building with electricity.

Automated blinds in an office
solar panels on a roof

During an emergency, people tend to panic and attempt to escape by any means. In this video, the emergency evacuation procedures were addressed. There is even a re-enactment of what to do and what not to do in the event of a potential or real emergency. The team that takes the lead during evacuations was present and wearing the attire they would be identified by in a real emergency situation.

roll call at an assembly point
team evacuating building
man pushed into safe refuge area

Webber Wentzel dedicated an entire floor of the building to the health and wellness of their employees. There are several facilities available such as a fully equipped gym, a SleepPod and a sick bay, amongst many others which were included in the video as part of the building induction.

We created a separate video aimed at the contractors. The contractor video is much shorter than the main video considering that contractors have limited access to the building. This video addressed all the rules of the building, the points of access and where all the amenities are located.

woman dumping waste into a bin
people sitting in eating area

The two videos not only addressed the health and safety procedures of the building but also showcased the building as a modern environment that focuses on sustainability, productivity and staff comfort.

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