How to use Video Effectively in your Content Strategy

To be successful in a digital business world requires a carefully crafted content strategy. Every piece of content consumed by potential clients is an opportunity to convince them of your credibility. Let’s break down what makes a comprehensive content strategy and how video plays a pivotal role. 

Content Strategy

Consistent Content Updates

Consistency is essential as users begin interacting with your content, there are also Search Engine Optimisation benefits to consistent content updates. The key here is to find a middle ground, what content can you post consistently that is sustainable? Video content is able to play a key role as filmed footage can be edited or repurposed to be used multiple times. 

Repurposable Content

Creating content that can be repurposed for multiple applications is essential as it cuts down on planning and production of additional content. Further more if the content is planned well you can reuse it on multiple platforms and even ramp the content into larger or smaller pieces. Video is the perfect medium as every shoot can be planned to produce multiple videos from. An example would be a company video that is shortened into multiple service videos, which in turn are shortened further to be posted on Social Media. To ensure your repurposed content remains relevant, keep your content evergreen. 

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content refers to content that is universal and always relevant. Avoid timely topics or locality specific content as they lock your content’s relevance to a specific time, period or place. Video as a medium is great for evergreen content as you can easily update videos to maintain their relevance, particularly in industries where standards are constantly changing. This ensures your content is always of a high quality and relevance.

Valuable Content

In order to benefit from your consistent content updates you need your content to be informative and engaging. You are, after all competing with every other competitors content for the attention of your potential market. Videos are dynamic, which makes them incredibly proficient at communicating a message no matter how complicated. Videos also perform the best out of every content type on the web on every major metric. 

Pound-for-pound video content is by far the most effective when incorporated in a comprehensive content strategy. When planned correctly, a single day of filming can be converted into a whole series of videos which can be posted consistently over an entire campaign.


Who is Sound Idea Digital?

Sound Idea Digital, founded in 1992 by Francois Karstel, is an established content production company concentrating on all aspects of video production, such as corporate, industrial and training videos. With over 25 years experience in film-making and video production, Sound Idea Digital is the leading film & video production house in South Africa

What we can do for you

Utilizing the latest technology and tools, our experienced team offers a comprehensive blend of skills ranging from script writing, filming, video editing, animation, sound recording and motion graphics.

Sound Idea Digital is a practical solution to corporate needs in a fickle and ever changing age.




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