Tips for Planning a Contractors Health and Safety Induction Training Video

A contractors induction video is an essential tool for potentially hazardous sites. It saves the health and safety team time, especially in cases where contractors are required to perform hazardous tasks like working at heights or confined spaces. A concise contractors video streamlines site traffic and increases productivity.

Straight to the point

Keep the video as short as possible without compromising essential elements. Besides the time benefits of shorter training, the contractors are also more likely to recall the protocols. 

Highlight your brand

Every visitor of your site should be seen as a potential stakeholder and maintaining brand presence throughout your video content ensures a professional experience.

Find your medium

Health and Safety Induction Training Videos can be produced in video or in animation, each comes with its own pros and cons. Animation is great for sensitive subject matters like alcohol and drug testing or personal hygiene. Animation also requires no filming which can be advantageous if accessing the site is an issue. Video provides the most detail, which is essential when covering complex tasks. Video is also the most relatable medium which can aid in retaining the training.

Prep your team

To ensure you get the most out of the shoot day, prepare your team accordingly. Make sure everyone is wearing the most up-to-date branding, uniforms and PPE. Identify a couple members of your team to be filmed and prep them to ensure your filming goes smoothly and maintains a professional image.

A Contractors Health and Safety Induction Video plays an important role as it often serves as the first point of contact for your company’s brand and external stakeholders. It also plays an essential role in site productivity, as every contractor that visits the site must go through the same training.



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