How to Setup a Budget for a Video Production

The company budget set aside for producing the video will ultimately determine whether this will be a low-end or high-end video production. It is essential to consider factors such as the intended audience; the message of the video; and what the video will be used more

Choosing the Right Video Production Company

Once you have experienced the rewarding results of working with a proactive supplier you will be surprised to see how much more value you are getting for your more

Three Steps to a Professional Video Production

Step 1: Pre-Production
Step 2: Production & Development
Step 3: Post-Production
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The Role of Video In Corporate Communication

Video is an invaluable marketing tool, leaving your prospects with a clear picture of your operation in less than ten minutes. During this time you can substantiate claims, overcome objections, and include testimonials of well-known experts in your more

Why You Should Apply Video to Your E-Marketing Strategy

Video is the way forward. If you need to promote yourself, your business or your website, this is how you should do it. There is a nearly infinite amount of information being communicated in the form of video as we more

How to Write a Great YouTube Script

Whatever the purpose of your YouTube video you will have a certain standard that you’d like to maintain. You may not wish to produce the next Francis Ford Coppola hit, but the quality of your production will affect the amounts and types of people who eventually see it. From an e-Marketing perspective this is more

How to Enhance Your Promotion Strategy Through Video Content

Everything starts with an idea. That idea becomes a plan and then a strategy and eventually a fully-fledged project. You may have heard that video content is the way to go on your website. You may even have gotten some video footage and uploaded it on to YouTube. What now? more

How YouTube Can Help You Achieve Higher Search Engine Rankings

Google’s recently developed Universal Search feature means that companies who publish fresh, interactive, and relevant content by incorporating online video – automatically receive higher search engine ranking than their more

The Rise of Web Video

Content is King. According to the widely acclaimed book Content Critical, written by Internet gurus Gerry McGovern and Rob Norton, the modern world runs on content and the Web is fast-becoming the medium of choice for content more

How to Make a Video

There are three approaches that you can take when planning a video. The first is what is called an "Empirical approach" which essentially means an unplanned format. Everything is filmed and a script is written after, making sense of that which was filmed. The second approach more

Ten types of video your company needs

Video is the most popular medium of media and probably the most flexible. As a company you need to be fully aware of the different types of video that are available to you to ensure you utilise this super medium to its more

Why your company need Web Videos

You may have heard the popular phrase, ‘the future is now,’ well this couldn’t be truer, we live in a rapidly evolving time with new technology on a constant brink of discovery and when it comes to the marketing world, there is no more

A guide to Marketing Video Production

Julian Karstel - 2023-05-22

This Sound Idea Digital article provides a guide to marketing video production, covering the benefits and application....

How to use Video Effectively in your Content Strategy

Julian Karstel - 2021-09-13

How to use Video Production effectively in your Content Strategy by Sound Idea Digital...

Tips for Planning a Contractors Health and Safety Induction Training Video

Julian Karstel - 2021-08-10

Tips for Planning a Contractors Health and Safety Induction Training Video from Video Production specialists Sound Idea Digital...

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