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Sound Idea Digital is a professional video production agency based in Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. We specialise in health & safety videos, training videos, marketing videos, corporate videos, web videos, animation and motion graphics. We also produce industrial, mining, induction, and company launch videos. Our film crew is a unique blend of talented and experienced cameramen, photographers, visual effect masters, audio engineers, and video editing specialists who will ensure that your video production meets your every expectation and beyond. With over 25 years experience in film-making and video production, Sound Idea Digital is the leading film & video production house in South Africa.

Health & Safety videos are used by companies to train and inform staff members and guests of possible hazards they might encounter while at work, or during a visit to a company.

Sound Idea’s web videos are scripted, filmed and edited specifically for use on the internet. They are especially effective when used in conjunction with social media platforms.

Our training videos are indispensable in communicating important and relevant information to new and existing staff about their company's latest methodologies and equipment.

Use animation to show the creative side of your company. Professional animation can be used as a tool to inform and train in any field by demonstrating abstract concepts visually.



Sound Idea’s marketing videos are created to advertise, inform and market company products and services to your customers. Marketing videos focus on glamorising a product or service in a simple yet informative manner.

Sound Idea will produce corporate video that will tell the story of your company in an informative and attractive manner for use by sales, PR and marketing departments as an effective promotional tool.


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