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A corporate video generally refers to any video, streaming media or visual communication production that is required or commissioned by a company or corporate organisation. Corporate videos tend to be for a very specific, targeted audience and generally fall into the realm of training, product or promotional material.

A good corporate video should fulfil more than one purpose. Product overviews, service run-downs and/or company information should be related in a universal manner. In this way the video should be used by sales, PR and marketing departments as a promotional tool. 


We live in a world where multimedia communication is replacing the old hard copy approach to PR and Marketing. Flexible and sociably accessible business communication is imperative.

The advantages of a good corporate video can go a long way to fulfilling these requirements:

  • A good corporate video is an effective explanatory aid for any Sales Team; simultaneously serving as both a PR and Marketing aid.
  • It is filmed and edited by professionals who can portion the footage (if required) on to a DVD with sub-headings or posted on the website through YouTube
  • The scripting of a good corporate video gives any viewer a proper understanding of the company and/or products even if no additional information is supplied.
  • It is a powerful and effective visual aid at functions and corporate events, and possesses the resolution and design elements to be viewed or projected through various types of media.
  • Corporate videos are also used to market new products to other corporate clients; a television advert is very different to a corporate video, which would often contain a great deal more precise information and statistics and would thus translate directly towards enhancing cash-flow and productivity.

Our video production crew has extensive film-making and video production experience, coupled with a passion for focused and professional video on health & safetywebtrainingmarketingcorporateanimation & motion graphic related information. Request a quote for video production services.

Corporate Video Projects

Kal Tire Corporate Video

Sound Idea Video Production produced a Corporate Video for Kal Tire, showcasing their various facilities across the country as well as the products and services they offer.
This is a preview of their video.

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