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Marketing videos are created with the purpose of advertising, informing and marketing company products and services to your customers. They focus on glamorising a product or service in a simple yet informative manner.

The purpose of a marketing video is to showcase the features and the benefits of your products. They can include customer testimonials and are primarily used to create a desire for your product.


  • Marketing videos can be used to highlight your product and service features in an effective manner.
  • Video is the most impactful medium, thus after viewing a marketing video more information is retained by the customer.
  • As a digital marketing agency we understand marketing and will develop a script for your marketing video that helps to sell your products and services.

For a marketing video to be effective the potential customer has to believe and remember the marketing message, and this is best done through video.

Our video production crew has extensive film-making and video production experience, coupled with a passion for focused, and professional video on health & safetywebtrainingmarketingcorporateanimation & motion graphic related information. 

Latest Marketing Video Project

Optimum Holdings - For Life Water Purification

Sound Idea Digital produced a marketing video for Optimum Holdings. giving the viewer a step by-step guide on how to use it and how it works.

Some of our most recent marketing video productions include THC Biomed , Maksal Tubes and Kal Tire. For more information check out our Video Production Page.


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