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Web videos are scripted, filmed and edited specifically for use on the internet. They are especially effective when used in conjunction with other social media platforms, as a regular flow of relevant film-based content can take your company to client interaction to a new level. Web videos can be used to advertise, inform and even train viewers and staff members alike.


  • An online video can be viewed at any time, of day or night, which is a great advantage when providing international training material to employees all over the world.
  • The value of audio-visual information has been well documented. People remember more when viewing audio-visual media as it is more interesting, so they listen for longer and pay better attention.
  • A well-planned web video production can be turned into step-by-step image tutorials, video feeds, pod casts and transcripts. This will give infinitely more value to the content on any company website.
  • Web videos can be used to build a relationship between client and consumer through an informative Youtube channel.
  • A web video is also a highly effective way to give back to your clients, as well as to keep them updated on the various uses and functions of your products and services.
Many national and international companies are finding it easier to administrate and monitor their training via an online resource.

Our video production crew has extensive film-making and video production experience, coupled with a passion for focused, and professional video on health & safetywebtrainingmarketingcorporateanimation & motion graphic related information. Request a quote for video production services.

Web Video Projects

Industrial Specialised Applications: DIY Kit tutorial

Industrial Specialised Applications specialises in linear motion control, supplying gas springs, hydraulic vibration dampers and electric actuator systems.

Sound idea produced a web tutorial video showing the viewer how to install the EZDown Reloaded, a DIY kit developed by Industrial Specialised Applications.

Kenwood SA Recipe Video: Cheese Focaccia Bread

Sound Idea Video Production produced a general web video for Kenwood South Africa.
The web video's purpose is to show the public the many functions of their Kenwood Kitchen Machines.


Online Education in SA Part 1: Sound Idea Interviews Karen Walstra

Sound Idea Digital produced a web video for Karen Walstra Consulting.
Our Video Production team interviews Karen Walstra from Karen Walstra Consulting about online education and the viability thereof in our country.

Part 1 is a discussion concerning the problems associated with teaching via textbooks in South African Schools, and how eBooks pose possible solutions.

Braun South Africa: Feeding your premature baby - Part 1

Sound Ideas Video Production team interviewed Jenna Richards for Braun South Africa. She talks about feeding your premature baby, what to expect and why breastmilk is important for your premature baby.

Read the full blog here:
Feeding your premature baby

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